Alternative Fuel Vehicle Readiness Plan

Download the plan here

In 2015, the California Energy Commission awarded a grant to SF Environment to develop a comprehensive Alternative Fuel Vehicle Readiness Plan. The Plan is intended to advance the adoption by the City and County of San Francisco of alternative fuels, including electricity, hydrogen, biofuels, natural gas, and propane.

SF Environment invited public and private-sector stakeholders to participate in a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to guide the work. The TAC met six times during 2016 to review data and best practices about each fuel type and make recommendations on policies and programs to guide Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) deployment to achieve San Francisco’s greenhouse gas reduction goals. The TAC concluded its work in January 2017.

The Plan is divided into six chapters:

1.      Overview and Key Recommendations

2.      Policy and Market Context for Alternative Fuel and Vehicle Planning

3.      Plug in Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure

4.      Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure

5.      Biofuel Vehicles and Infrastructure [includes renewable diesel]

6.      Natural Gas Vehicles

Each fuel chapter provides substantial background of vehicles, fuel and fuel pathway development, and strategies for accelerating deployment.

SF Environment is now moving forward to implement the TAC’s key recommendations on each fuel type, while simultaneously assisting other municipalities in their own implementation efforts. By sharing best practices and lessons learned from this grant, SF Environment is helping lead the transportation revolution. As San Francisco and other cities across the country shift their modes of transportation from fossil fuels to clean and renewable fuels, the United States will move ever closer toward achieving its climate goals while also increasing energy security.